Thursday May 20

09:45 Opening
Invited talk by Nir Shlezinger
Model-based deep learning in signal processing and communications
Oral session 1A: Machine Learning
11:15 Contextual pyramid attention network for building segmentation in aerial imagery
Clint Sebastian, R. Imbriaco, E. Bondarev, P. de With (TU/e)
11:40 Analyzing InfoGAN’s potential for exploring demographic information in facial images
Zohra Rezgui, J. Goseling, R. Veldhuis (UTwente)
12:05 Can fake news detection be accountable? The adversarial examples challenge
Jeremie Bogaert, Q. Carbonelle, A. Descampe, F.-X. Standaert (UCL)
Lunch break and Poster Session 1
Oral session 1B
14:00 Learning robust image representations with autoencoders
Shunxin Wang, N. Strisciuglio, R. Veldhuis (UTwente)
14:25 Wasserstein generative adversarial privacy
Kars Mulder, J. Goseling (UTwente)
Oral session 2: Biometrics and biomedics
15:15 Finger vein verification with an autoencoder
Tugce Arican, R. Veldhuis, L. Spreeuwers (UTwente)
15:40 Unsupervised decoding of matched versus mismatched EEG responses to speech
Nicolas Heintz, T. Francart, A. Bertrand (KUL)
16:05 Compressed ultrasound reconstruction through jointly learned analog-to-digital conversion and adaptive beamforming
Ben Luijten (TU/e) et al.
16:30 Identification method using intensity of finger joints in NIR images
Muriel van der Spek, L. Spreeuwers (UTwente)
17:15 WIC General Assembly

Friday May 21
09:50 Opening
Invited talk by Slava Voloshynovskiy
Information Bottleneck through variational glasses
Oral session 3A: Communication
11:15 Energy dispersion index for finite-length probabilistic shaping by 4D signaling
Kaiquan Wu, G. Liga, Y. Gültekin, A. Alvarado (TU/e)
11:40 On some signal processing myths in optical wireless communications
Jean-Paul Linnartz, Xiong Deng (TU/e)
12:05 SWIPT waveform design: Phase optimization for a rectangular power pulse superposed with CP-OFDM
Hussein Kassab, J. Louveaux (UCL)
Lunch break and Poster Session 2
Oral session 3B
14:00 Keeping up with the bits: tracking physical layer latency in millimeter-wave Wi-Fi networks
Alexander Marinšek and L. Van der Perre (KUL)
14:25 Spectrum sensing in mobile Cognitive Radio: A Bayesian changepoint detection approach
Akpaki Chede (UCL), F. Rottenberg, M. Dossou, J. Louveaux
Oral session 4: Coding and signal processing
15:15 Unclonable encryption with key recycling using qubits
Daan Leermakers, B. Skoric (TU/e)
15:40 Node varying regularization for graph signals
Maosheng Yang, M. Coutino, E. Isufi, G. Leus (TU Delft)
16:05 Decoding of concatenated codes for noisy channels with unknown offset
Renfei Bu, J. Weber (TU Delft)
16:30 A primer on Techtile: An R&D testbed for distributed communication, sensing and positioning
Gilles Callebaut, J. Van Mulders, G. Ottoy, L. Van der Perre (KUL)
17:15 Awards
Best student paper award. Best student presentation award.